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Markets | 19:53 | 13/02/2019
Asset managers speak out

This month China started the year of the pig. In the Asian tradition, this is an animal directly related to fortune because of its nobility and fertility. Will this lunar new year bring fortune to investors or succulent returns to the Chinese stock market?

Markets | 09:48 | 07/02/2019
According to Matthews Asia

China has been on the verge of a hard landing for many years, according to some analysts. Will they finally be right in 2019?

Markets | 11:06 | 10/01/2019
Per Wehrmann

At a time when the threats of Brexit and Italian finances are flying over the European economy, Per Wehrmann CFA, Head of European High yield in DWS, is confident that Europe will not enter into a recession although he expects a period of lower growth.

Markets | 09:40 | 29/11/2018
Natixis IM Summit 2018

According to David Herro, Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer of International Equities at Harris Associates, an affiliated of Natixis Investment Managers, active managers need to be grateful for passive investing.

Markets | 07:51 | 29/11/2018
Asset managers speak out

Following the volatility of the foreign exchange market in Turkey and Argentina, the uncertainty about future elections in Brazil, and trade tensions in China, which were motivated by the escalation of US protectionist measures, many investors have decided to limit their exposure to emerging mark

Markets | 13:46 | 27/11/2018
Investec Global Insights 2018

China is no longer a copycat economy. By 2029, China’s GDP is expected to surpass United States’ GDP. China is expected to become the largest economy on the planet overtaking the United States, and there is a great unease at all levels, but particularly on the political level.